August 4, 2006

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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Apple, Fig Jam, and Manchego Sandwich

For my lunch today I made grilled cheese sandwich (for grown ups) with sliced fuji apple, manchego cheese and fig preserves on country rye bread, with tomato slices on the side. I got this idea from the Washington Post food section a while back, can't remember when, my version is butterlesss. I prefer this sandwich just with the apple, fig preserves, and cheese. The rye bread and the combination of sweet , salty and crunchy is just perfect, and an icy bottled water completes this meal, there's no need for dessert (there's no room anyway). Burp.

Apple, Fig Jam, and Manchego Sandwich

You can try other cheeses, I think seriously sharp cheddar, young Edam or Gouda will be good.


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