December 18, 2013

Aplets and Cotlets Copycat

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After so many years, I finally was able to make "almost as good as the original" Aplets and Cotlets. These jellied fruit candies are my Christmastime favorite. The candies are very similar to the French jellied fruit bars pâtes de fruits. I like that the candies are not too complicated to make and are moderately sweet. I'll definitely make more with other fresh fruits such as pineapple and cranberries.

December 11, 2013

Pumpkin Brioche Biscocho

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 Philippine-style biscocho is a super crunchy twice-baked yeast bread. There are 2 kinds of Filipino biscocho, the plain ones and the sugared variety which I prefer specially with thick chocolate drink or with coffee. I made sweet biscocho 5 years ago with regular white bread. This time I used pumpkin brioche shaped into loaf and they came out really really really good.

December 5, 2013

Pişmaniye - Turkish Candy Floss

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I love our Korean grocery store. It stocks sweets and treats from various countries, not just from Asia. The store has lots of items from Greece, North Africa, Middle East, North Africa, and lots of yummy stuff from Turkey. Yesterday, I picked up a packet of Turkish candy floss or cotton candy called pişmaniye which I read about many years ago. The one I got has ground pistachio. The cotton candy is sooo good, very light and not as sweet as ordinary candy floss. Today I made simple milk pudding served with a little pişmaniye on top. Delicious! You just have to try it.

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