August 24, 2006

Siopao and Cuapao

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cuapao filled with preserved mustard greens, fried pork belly, and peanuts

Finally I found the time to make both siopao and cuapao. In a previous post I said that cuapao has no meat, I was mistaken, it should have bacon, ham or native Filipino tocino, just a little for flavoring. For the siopao I made chicken asado (Chinese-style roast chicken) filling and added sliced salted eggs and Chinese/Vietnamese sausages. The cuapao has chopped mustard greens, fried pork belly chips and peanuts. I don't make these very often as there are so many steps to do: the dough, the meat or veggie filling and slicing salted eggs and Chinese sausages, not to mention the cleaning of numerous cooking and preparation utensils. I could buy siopao from the Philippine grocery but then I won't be able to control the fat and salt contents. After consuming one of each I forget I spent more than 3 hours making them. Yum!

siopao filled with chicken asado, Chinese sausages, and salted duck eggs

The recipe for the dough is here.
Update including recipes for Chinese pork roast and burong mustasa is here.

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