August 28, 2006

Japanese Style Dinner

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I was in the mood for Japanese today and made onigiri and stuffed abura-age (fried soybean pockets). Onigiri is sushi rice individually formed into round or pyramidal shapes. The usual fillings are smoked salmon and pickled young apricot called umeboshi (very salty and taste like soft moist champoy). The sushi rice can also be mixed with chopped black olives and toasted black sesame seeds before shaping. I also pressed sushi rice and filled several canned abura-age, fried and seasoned (soy sauce, sugar and mirin) tofu pockets. I didn't have time to make green veggetable side dish and had the leftover boiled shelled edamame (soy beans) from last night. Very satisfying but so light you have to eat several of these. Japanese food, so tasty with or without fish or meat.


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