August 1, 2006

Nonstop Ice Cream Machine

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My Cuisinart ice cream maker has been churning nonstop for oh about 3 months now, it must be exhausted. Which means we have been eating ice cream nonstop since. I didn't eat this much ice cream in my life until now. Most ice cream here are overly sweet for me including Ben & Jerry's and several brands have thickening agents. Even Breyers that used to advertise using just milk, sugar and natural flavors and fruits now uses that gum thickening whatever. By making my own ice cream I am able to reduce the fat by half and sugar by 60%. I don't use those horrible tasting sugar substitutes, I just reduce the sugar. It's also great to be able to prepare Pinoy sorbetes. The very first one I made was macapuno, then, let's see, I have made ube, queso (grated cheddar cheese), halo-halo, coffee (topped with mangosteen preserves), mango using Philippine mango puree, sweet corn with coconut milk, and today langka. Please, somebody stop me, this is so addicting! Or, maybe not. Can someone suggest other Pinoy flavors that I may have missed?


VMA said...

Hi Gitta, interesting blog!
The newer flavors in Manila are Choc-Nut and Dulce de Leche.

I own a cuisinart ice cream machine which I want to use more often. Do you have a basic ice cream recipe which is not too rich?

Oggi said...

Hello vma,thanks for visiting. May I know who vma is and how do you know Gitta? I'm curious because I'm Gitta's mom. Yeah, I've been thinking of making Choc-nut but have to drive to the Philgrocer to get some.
My basic half gallon ice cream recipe:
2 1/2 cups Land O'Lakes fat free half and half
1/2 - 1 packet Carnation fat free powdered milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 cup fruits or nuts (optional)
2 TBS vanilla extract or any flavor extract you prefer (optional)
All liquids and fruits/nuts should be chilled before mixing. Mix till well combined powdered milk, sugar and 1 cup half and half, mix in the remaining half and half and heavy cream. Add fruits after ice cream machine has been running for 25 minutes.

VMA said...

Thanks OGGI, sorry Gitta for mixing your names! I've been browsing through homemade ice cream recipes in the net and chanced upon your ice cream blog. My goal is to make a fairly good-tasting COCONUT cream ice cream by adopting the proportion recommended in the recipes. I ate a lot of coconut ice cream in Thailand, wondered why we don't have this flavor in Manila despite the abundance of coconut. I have wanted to replicate it. This is different from macapuno ice cream which uses vanilla ice cream as base.


Oggi said...

Hi, VMA, I can understand the mix up, I wrote about Gitta twice.
I used coconut milk in I think 3 of the ice cream flavors I made, the ube, corn and just half a cup in the halo halo. I think Pinoy ice cream flavors are unique and totally delicious.
I will soon post a recipe for the Choc-Nut probably next week. Check out how it will turn out, and thanks for the suggestion.
Also, you can totally eliminate the
heavy cream and substitute with Carnation fat free powdered milk mixed with half ang half or coconut milk, the result will not be as creamy as store bought but will be just as yummy.

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