January 6, 2009

Green Eggs

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One of the vendors at the farmer's market sells different colored egg. The shells have shades of green from deep, light, and olive, some are pink-ish, light peach, mottled brown, and of course brown. These eggs have smaller whites than regular eggs and therefore have less protein and their yolks are dark yellow to almost orange. I was told that these eggs are from Ameraucana chickens.

Last week I boiled a few and forgot to time them. I usually cook eggs by letting the water come to a boil, turn the heat off, cover the pan, and leave the eggs for 10 minutes, then I rinse them immediately in very cold water. One of the things I can't stand is boiled eggs with green rings around the yolks. There is no difference in taste but it just looks unappetizing. When I removed the shells I could see the green through the whites. I noticed that the green ring is thicker than normal and I was not repulsed by it because it looks interesting with the contrast of colors, green against yellow and almost orange in the middle making the sliced eggs look like kabocha squash. After a day in the refrigerator the thick green rings disappeared on the remaining few slices of eggs. I wonder if this is true for all eggs, that is, the green ring disappearing after a few days, hmm.

they look like kabocha squash

kabocha squash


Anonymous said...

that's very interesting. i guess i've never seen that because when i make eggs they're are gone right away haha

i dont know if you notice but everytime i buy eggs from farmer's markets the yolks are usually darker than the grocery store kind. that probably means there's more iron and there for thicker green ring if boiled for too long?

What's Cookin Chicago said...

That's pretty cool! And they do look like the squash!

caninecologne said...

wow, those eggs do look like kabocha squash! i've never seen green eggs before. i can only find brown eggs in the market. sometimes, i'll find some light blue ones.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! I've never seen eggs in various hues (well, except the brown ones and the spotted ones - quail eggs.) Why did the green rings disappear?

Oggi said...

Paoix, me too, I haven't had green rings on yolks and if there are any they get eaten right away. I guess the darker yolk is due to what their diet which I believe has less corn and according to my daughter lots of protein aka worms.:D

Joelen, that's the only reason I took photos, because they look like squash.:)

Caninecologne, I was surprised when I opened the box at home to see several green shells. I'm also on the lookout for unhatched robin's eggs just to photograph but was only able to see already empty shells on the backyard. They are very pretty aqua blue.

Ning, I have no idea why the green rings disappeared almost completely with just a trace of green. I want to overcook one regular eggs just to see if the ring will also disappear...parang HS science project.:)

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