January 25, 2009

Lasang Pinoy Sundays: Eye Candy

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Although super tiny at 2 inches and filled with only half a teaspoon of liqueur, a few "bottles" will satisfy your craving for both chocolate and alcohol. My favorites are the Danzka cranberry/raspberry vodka and Galliano. These treats come in a box that looks like an alcohol cabinet with small shelves. Very cute. And yummy.

For more Lasang Pinoy Sundays Eye Candy delights go visit SpiCes or click on the yellow button.


Sidney said...

Wow...THAT looks good... give me a dozen bottles please... ;-)

agent112778 said...

these are the best, a dozen bottles for me too please :D

thanx for visting my site

Anonymous said...

that's going to be 3 dozens for you to pass around emski! count me in!:) i remember these and love 'em!

Anonymous said...

ayayay! that was why, i thought i was missing on your entry oggi! sorry bout that:)tipsy already just looking at your photos! wahahaha! still, pass me a dozen!

Anonymous said...

i never knew it actually had alcohol in it!

Oggi said...

Sidney and Jay, just a dozen?:)

Ces, nakaka-lasheng.:D

Abby, some brands have non alcoholic "liqueur", not so good as this brand.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi !

My 1st visit here.

These are absolutely my favor, another dozen bottles for me as well, PLEASE ! My dearest uncle love chocolate a lot and he always share with me incl. choco with liquer even when I was only 10.

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