June 16, 2008

Saba Bananas

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saba-like bananas

I don't know many people who don't like bananas. Here in the US bananas are more popular than any other fruits that when a big storm is coming people of all races and ages make sure they have an ample stock of Cavendish bananas, I wonder why. I am not one of them, BTW, not because I am not a banana lover but because the Cavendish is not the best variety for snacking or cooking in my opinion.

I miss the numerous Philippine bananas specially saba which is a firm cooking banana that can be prepared either sweet or savory. I always keep a packet or 2 of frozen saba purchased from the Filipino grocery. Two weeks ago I found intensely green bananas very close in appearance to the Filipino saba. I bought a dozen pieces, kept them in brown lunch bags and the next day they turned pale yellow and completely ripened and edible in 3 days. I cooked a few in syrup that I diced for halo-halo, made banana-cue which is fried in oil and brown sugar *yum*, and the rest I added to pochero (potage), a soupy meat and chicken dish similar to the Spanish Cocido. These saba-like bananas are a little bit starchier and softer when cooked than ours but acceptable in flavor and a good substitute for the frozen saba in case they become unavailable at the Filipino grocery..

banana-cue, my favorite snack in the Philippines

pochero, a soupy boiled meat and vegetable dish served with tomato sauce


 gmirage said...

I envy you naman, I can't find fresh saba here, only the ones from Monika, bottled and sweetened...the pochero looks much more colorful with it no? ang ganda!

Ay ganda din ng tomatoes sa header mo!

 gmirage said...

Btw, bananas are a good way to replenish lost energy and is very filling, must be why people bring them along as you said. Sports people keep that too in their diet especially when training.

Oggi said...

gizelle, thanks. Oh that's the reason bananas are very popular.

Medio mushy this type of saba from Colombia. Ours is firmer even when overripe and really sweet specially when simply boiled.

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