June 17, 2008

Losing It

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3-inch hamburger with mini Pringles, heirloom tomato, and dill pickle wedges
I am finally paying for all the breads and sweets I have been making and eating the last 6 months. I have gained a few pounds and started using the treadmill and yesterday I bought Wii Fit. I have to lose the extra pounds as soon as possible because I don't like to develop cankles, heheh, and I'll do it by limiting my food intake in addition to exercising. I don't really believe in depriving myself of the food I love and will still cook and eat them but in smaller portions or miniature versions similar to the sliders that are now being served in several chain restaurants. I made mini hamburgers today and had it with just a little of everything. I weighed each uncooked patty to 2 ounces each and when cooked are about 3 inches. I topped the meat with caramelized vidalia onions in place of cheese and did not even miss it and the sweetness of the onions is so good with the burger. For dessert I had a small bowl of cherries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries with half a cup of fat-free yogurt.

The only other time I gained weight was when I gave birth to my second child. I worked out for an hour everyday for 2 months and lost all the excess weight and more, but I was much younger then. Wish me luck!:-)


 gmirage said...

Nice! Keep me posted with the plan =D I am on negative calorie diet lol, its really not easy being a food lover, gain some, lose some...but for foodies who have gained more calories they need to loose more! hehe.

Chibog in Chief said...

that's the cutest hamburger i've ever seen :-) hehehe

good luck on losing weight..i'll just probably do my diet next time hehehe

Oggi said...

Mirage2g, I usually gain just a few because of blogging and lose right away but this time I can't shake them off easily. I'll let you know if my controlled portion diet is working.:)

Dhanggit, ang cute but leaves me hungry, I eat fruits and berries to fill me up.
Thanks, you probably don't need to.:)

Leslie said...

Yes..blogging is sooooo not good for the waistline..I meself have gained a few pounds..and need to back off the sweet stuff!!

Oggi said...

Leslie, yes the sweet stuff are the devil! But I can't stay away, heheh..

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