June 27, 2008

Want Some Fries With That?

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duck fat fries: the most delicious fries ever
The answer is definitely yes, large size please, actually just the fries...and some mayonnaise or malt vinegar. I used to be addicted to McD fries in Manila. There was a period when I had their fries every morning before going to work. I still buy them here once in maybe 6 months when I get the craving but it seems to be getting more and more insipid since the use of tallow has been banned. I don't know what oil they were using in Manila and Hong Kong but the fries tasted better when we were there.

A few days ago my daughter asked what my bag of duck fat is doing in the vegetable bin and on the same day I read in the Gourmet magazine fries that are fried in duck fat. I interpreted the coincidence as telling me to make some fries using duck fat. Well, I just had for lunch the most amazing delicious fries that are less greasy, so flavorful, and only needed a few grains of sea salt to enhance its yumminess. These fries definitely don't need ketchup, mayonnaise, or vinegar. I ate one whole large potato all by myself and will fry some later for dinner to go with Steaks With Pan-fried Cherry Tomatoes which I will write about in a future post. Aah, I'm feeling like a contented cow, and there goes my diet.:D


eatingclubvancouver_js said...

I used to love McDonald's fries too, but now, no more.

I don't know when they changed their recipe, but they cooked it in beef fat before. Which explains why the fries were so delicious!

Today, McDonald's fries have that intolerable fast-food grease smell that's terribly offputting.

I tried an order of fries about 3 months ago (after years of not consuming them) hoping to recapture the magic, but they were really awful.

Oggi said...

js, beef fat? That's why they tasted sooo good. Anything fried in animal fat will taste awesome!:D!

Gitta said...

I wonder if frying sweet potatoes in duck fat would taste as good?

eatingclubvancouver_js said...

Up till 13-14 years ago, I think. A cousin used to work for McDonalds here in Vancouver around that time -- so up till then, they were still using beef fat to fry the fries.

After then, it was all downhill. . . LOL

Leslie said...

Duck fat??Who woulda thought!!!They look sooo yummy and rustic!!Thanks for your comment on my danish braid!!!Love your site@

Oggi said...

Gitta, I'll buy some and also with the Hawaiian purple sweet potatoes I recently got.

js, the mall's food court fat fries and those in country fairs are good and they also have malt vinegar and mayonnaise which I prefer.:)

leslie, thanks. Not only are they so tasty, the fries are not as greasy when cooked with duck fat.:)

Lori Lynn said...

YAY for duck fat fries. I did just enjoy them at fancy Michael Mina's in Scottsdale, but I have also had them many times at Hot Doug's Hot Dog joint in Chicago.
Yours are lookin' mighty tasty there...

Oggi said...

Lori Lynn, I think they're the best fries I ever had!
I will also fry some sweet potatoes in duck fat as my daughter suggested.:)

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