June 6, 2008

The Best Salted Duck Eggs

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I love the oily bright orange yolk and the soft silky white

More than I month ago I wrote about making salted (pickled) duck eggs and now I can confidently declare that homemade is definitely the best. The amount of salt in the recipe is perfect, IMHO, which can be adjusted if you want the eggs saltier to suit your taste. If you can find fresh duck eggs in your farmer's market and you have the patience to wait 30 days, it's worth all the effort. I'm not recommending using ordinary chicken eggs because their yolks don't have enough fat to make that yummy oily salty yolks. I am buying more this Saturday to have a steady supply of salted duck eggs for salads or to top baked rice cakes called bibingka.

baked rice cake topped with fresh white cheese and salted duck egg

tomato and salted duck egg salad, our all-time favorite side dish


 gmirage said...

On Bibingka or not, I agree with you, the oily orange yolk is yum!

Chibog in Chief said...

ang sarap... i think i will have heart attack with all these delicious calories im staring at..how i wish i could make my own salted eggs someday :-)

Oggi said...

G, it's really good.:)

Dhanggit, consumed in moderation it's okay.:)

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