December 28, 2006

Filipino Style New Year's Menu

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I have been thinking of making round shaped food for New Year's Eve. I grew up with this tradition of eating 12 round food on New Year's Eve, usually 12 grapes, you can't really eat, say 12 apples (or watermelons?) or 12 putos in one sitting. It has something to do do with money (coin), which means the New Year will bring you luck, financially, the next 12 months. This old wives' tale/superstition most probably came from the Chinese, or maybe from the Kastilas (Filipino term for the Spanish-Filipino) or a combination, I don't know. I remember as a child every January 1st I was forced to wear a polka dot dress, silly, I know, but what can you do when you're a child, you have to do what your parents tell you. You can't have a tantrum or you'll be crying the next 365.242199 days.

New Year's Eve Menu:
Beef Morcon (meat roll-up or roulade), recipe here
Filipino style macaroni salad, recipe here
A plateful of puto: white, ube, pandan and Biñan, recipes here
Caramel coated yemas (egg yolk candies), recipe here
Piayas and Silvanas (if I have time)
I will post the finished snacks and sweets on different days as I finish making them.


Anonymous said...

Yummy! I think you need to open a restaurant...AA

Oggi said...

AA, Happy New Year to you and J. Oh, yeah I wish I have a financier:)

ky said...

i love your food blog! i'm always looking for recipes! i made sans rival last week using your recipe and it was perfect! i'm so thankful talaga! i was wondering if you can also post your recipe for "silvanas"...i can't find a good recipe elsewhere....i made one last night from some site and was very disappointed! the meringue was ok but the filling was not what i expected...they say it's the same as the sans rival but i don't know...hope you can help, thanks!

Oggi said...

ky, sorry for responding late...I didn't see your comment until now.

Yes, I use the same recipe for silvanas for both cookies and butter icing (which you might have to double).

Anonymous said...

Hi just wanted to know if you have a recipe for a puto binan? Thanks in advance...

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