December 12, 2006

Orange Cauliflower


I see a lot of different colored cauliflowers, purple, lime green and orange in many groceries lately. The label on this orange one says it has added nutrients and because I buy produce that looks pretty for posing, this one is a winner. I looked online for a good recipe and found this. I used the juice of one key lime in place of lemon. This dish is delicious! I really really like it. I never imagined combining anchovies with the bland and awful smelling cauliflower but the different flavors blend well perfectly.

homemade Spanish chorizo, orange cauliflower with anchovies, and ube pandesal for dinner


Anonymous said...

Homemade Spanish chorizo? Made by you? Wow! That cailiflower looks good too :)

Oggi said...

Hi joey, the cauliflower dish is surprisingly good and yeah I made the chorizos, must use my new Charcuterie book...:D

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