December 19, 2006

Celery Root Soup


My daughter has been nagging me to make this soup that I borrowed from my favorite food blog. The soup is really delicious, an excellent alternative to potato or corn chowder. The 2 strips of bacon is just the right amount of flavoring. Perfect with grilled (aged gouda) cheese sandwich.

ugly on the outside, super yummy in the inside


Anonymous said...

Whew. I'm glad it went really well. I always get nervous about people making a recipe I put out there. I'm always certain I forgot something, so it makes me very happy that it went well. Thank you for reading and thank you for making it! Sorry I didn't respond sooner, holidays and lots of family time. Once again, thank you. m

Oggi said...

Oh, your recipe is perfect, really delicious, highly recommendable:)

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