November 13, 2006


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chocolate covered rippled potato crisps, sweet and salty all at once

marrons glacés, very difficult to make but worth all the effort

candied pomelo, so good either with chocolate coating or rolled in sugar

Tada! A plateful of sweets to satisfy sugar and chocolate cravings

really big super yummy chocolate chip muffin, great with chai

And, my attempt at Magnolia Bakery's vanilla cupcakes. This recipe is so yummy, they came out perfect. My only complaint is the butter icing, it uses powdered sugar which makes them terribly sweet and leaves a powdery tongue feel. I will have to use another buttercream icing with less sugar next time I make these which a few days.


wysgal said...

Hey did you dip the potato chips in chocolate yourself? That's pretty nifty. I've been planning to go on a chocolate dipping craze for the longest time (next victim: fried bacon strips). =)

Oggi said...

hi wysgal, thanks for visiting.
I used a pastry brush for a really thin coat. Fried bacon, might try that, not so crazy at all since I buy maple syrup cured bacon, hehe.

christine said...

Wow those cupcakes look delicious! Did you get the Magnolia Bakery recipe online?

Oggi said...

Yup, I got the recipe online, one comment suggested to mix in the flour by hand to retain its fluffiness, which I did. I'm so impressed with these cupcakes, they're moist, soft and fluffy that I'm thinking of getting the second Magnolia Bakery cookbook.

Anonymous said...

oggi, I've missed a lot. getting hungry again looking at all the food recipes. Jewelry is fabulous. You should be selling these on e-bay.

Oggi said...

Hi, A, were you able to fix your pearls? I don't know how to sell on eBay or anywhere else. I have to do some research and should start selling them already.

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