November 27, 2006

Ube Pandesal

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I baked ube (purple yam) pandesal (breakfast or dinner rolls) today, the recipe from the Filipino cookbook Memories of Philippine Kitchens. The bread is so soft and has a fine texture. The ube taste is faint, though, but I really like the nice light purple color. Add ½ cup of ube powder with every 3 cups of flour to your recipe for hot rolls or pandesal.

I was running late as I had a lot of errands to do today but was able to bake a batch of Cherry Sultana cakes and the ube buns. Every Christmas season I buy cakes and other goodies like marzipanstollen and pfeffernüsse cookies which are only available this time of year. I made the Cherry Sultana because I haven't seen them here in the US. The ones I had in the Philippines were from Australia that came in a sealed tin, I remember them so moist and filled with lots and lots of cherries. This recipe says there is no need to ripen but I still moistened the cakes with Kirschwasser syrup and will cure them for at least 2 weeks. I altered the recipe by adding 1 more cup of cherries, the more cherries, the better, trust me...

moist chock-full of cherries and sultana cake

I fried some thick bacon rashers and added them to baked beans, so good with the hot rolls.

breakfast food at 7 in the evening, yum, yum


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