November 3, 2006

Marrons Glacés and Candied Pomelo

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Since I am temporarily giving up on making Aplets & Cotlets (we have 2 18.5 oz boxes, that's more than 2 lbs of candies), I am attempting to make marrons glacés and candied pomelo. Both are tedious to make, but I know I can do it! The marrons need at least 3 days to make and the candied pomelo a week perhaps. At the insane price of $18 for a 1.5oz of French marrons glacés and the readily available Korean chestnuts so cheap at $1 a pound it's worth making. I am also making Black Forest cake today, it's been maybe 2 years since I made this. I'm taking a short break from ice cream, there are other fatty unhealthy food to consume, hehe. The chestnuts were shelled then boiled for 30 minutes, then the inner skins were peeled, then boiled for 30 minutes in syrup (with vanilla). They will sit in syrup overnight. Tomorrow I will fish them out one by one then boil the syrup, dip the chestnuts, boil the syrup again, then dip get the point ....until the chestnuts are properly iced or glazed. I'm making them now and if they turn out great I can make more for Christmas.

I will start with the pomelo tomorrow. The cake is just to satisfy a craving for dark chocolate cake moistened with kirschwasser...filled with morello cherries...iced with sweetened whipped cream...decorated with chocolate shavings/curls...... Why so much sweets? Well, why not?


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