November 5, 2006

Marrons Glacés

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The marrons glacés are almost perfect, I have to adjust the icing though as it crystalized overnight. I only learned this morning I should use glucose to prevent the icing from crystalizing and they have to be consumed right away (no problem there). The broken ones are wonderful as vanilla ice cream topping. I would have preferred the European or Japanese jumbo chestnuts but they are not available here and the fairly large Italian ones I bought the past years were not so good, half of them were rotten. These same size as Italian chestnuts from Korea were fresher and there were very few bad nuts (they probably are in the North, just kidding). I will be featuring, actually reminiscing about, chestnuts in future post. I was going to throw the glaze that's stuck on the cookie rack and sheet but my daughter suggested we use it to sweeten coffee or tea. And she is absolutely right, the sugar has a faint vanilla and chestnut flavors, we started picking and eating them! Mmmm, sugar...


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