July 14, 2006

Eggs In Red Sauce


It's only been 5 days since I promised to cook meatless meals and I'm already running out of ideas even after consulting my Filipino vegetarian cookbook BEST RECIPES for the Home published in 1970 in Manila by The Seventh Day Adventist. This is my mother's who gave it to me (after much cajoling). I don't want to serve seitan/tofu /beans all the time, that would be boring. Hay naku, meatless ulam takes sooo much effort and imagination. I'm like this pinoy teen I saw on TV learning/practicing inline skates at Greenhills, after several spills he cried "ayoko na!!" with an agonized expression on his face. Ooh, Spanish baked eggs with asparagus sounds good but will need at least half of an El Rey chorizo (which btw I learned from a pinoy blog is now made in Nebraska!) for that Filpino/Spanish flavor. Oh gee, now I have to go out and buy fresh asparagus. I don't wanna , I haven't ironed my hair, I can't be seen outside with frizzy, unruly hair even in the grocery!! Besides, I hate driving on a Friday afternoon when all the bad drivers are out in full force. Maybe I'll use canned but it's only good for soups and chicken asparagus sandwich. No, I'll make it next week. I'll think of something else, maybe boiled eggs with tomato/ketchup sauce, parang breakfast fare.

Eggs in Red Sauce

  • Boil 5 eggs for 8 minutes, peel, halve, place on a dish sliced side up, set aside then saute a half sliced onion, add Jufran, Malaysian sos cili, Hunt's ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, a little water, boil 1 minute, pour over eggs. Serve with salad greens.

I also made fresh green grape juice smoothie. To finish the meal: fresh bing cherries, strawberries, Fibisco choco mallows and Perugina baci.


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