July 17, 2006


Book reviews

I have 4 books to read, 2
of which I finished over the weekend:
THE FUTURIST by James P Othmer and THE HUSBAND by Dean Koontz. I will tackle the other two POPPY SHAKESPEARE by Clare Allan and ALENTEJO BLUE by Monica Ali this weekend, both due at the library on July 26.

As much as I like Dean Koontz novels, I will only give this book 4 stars. I did not like that it reads too much like a movie, specially the super rich Hollywood type gangster and the final confrontation with the abductor, they both seem contrived. He could also have eliminated the somewhat slapstick comedy part where there is an old guy in the SUV Mitch was trying to steal; It would have been better if Mitch had grabbed the screaming geriatric from his seat, plopped him on the road, and drove on to rescue his wife. I love the book though for the suspense, surprises at every turn, and of course the creepy serial killer. I also like that this is a very quick read, less than half a day. Will still look forward to reading his new novels. Highly recommended.

Very entertaining, laugh out loud funny, with weird characters (example: Giant Nordic nymphomaniac) but at the same time dealing with serious current issues. Some situations are cliches but that's alright, it still earns 4 stars in my opinion. Highly recommended.


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