July 18, 2009

Buco Ube Pie

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 Buco Ube Pie
creamy buco strips and ube jam in buttery flaky crust

The meat of one of the fresh buco I bought for buco pie is light purple in color and its water is brownish light purple. Isn't it weird? Taking a cue from this unusual buco coloring I added a thin layer of ube (purple yam) jam in between creamy buco filling. The combination is oh so delicious. Mmmm.

Buco 2009
Purple Buco
light purple buco meat and water

The past week, I have been busy honing my skills in making lattice-top pie. I have never made one before because I always thought I'd make a mess of it. And I did with the first pie I practiced on, Cherry Pie. I cut the strips too thin and spaced them unevenly and they are sort of crooked which is okay I guess for a first try and I don't mind how it looks because the pie is deliciously sweet and tart.

The first of the small buco pies was easier to handle. I was able to make the remaining top crusts more uniform and acceptable in appearance and I finished each one much quicker too.

The recipe for Buco Pie is here; you might have to reduce the amount of cornstarch because a reader who has made this pie said the filling was gummy. Check and eyeball the consistency while cooking and add cornstarch mixture as needed.

Buco Ube Pie
they look much better after 2 tries

Buco Ube Pie
4-inch buco pies

Here is the finished Cherry Pie. It doesn't look perfect but the pie is really delicious with its buttery super flaky crust and fresh tart cherries.

Cherry Pie
cherry pie with crooked, too thin, and unevenly spaced lattice top

This is my entry to this week's Lasang Pinoy, Sundays: Crusty

is a weekly food photography meme, Pinoy style, hosted by SpiCes.


iska said...

Both look fantastic and yummy!

ces said...

crusty all around!:) i wish i can make something like this!:)

luna miranda said...

wow, i'm sure these are delish! they look pretty, too.:P

i've never seen a purplish buko before! kakaiba!

foodiejenn said...

Buco ube... seems like a great match!

My Crusty post for LAPIS is now up HERE. Happy weekends!

Lynn said...

The cherry pie looks good to me. And the buko tarts just looks great. I like these kinds of presentation. Makes it even more enticing to buy the product. :)

caninecologne said...

those mini pies look amazing! (and time consuming) i love ube - i will try anything with ube! that is also a great combination, ube with the buko.

Midge said...

That looks both unusual and delicious!

Dhanggit said...

OMG!! this is fantastic!! I am so making this recipe this weekend,that is if i find some fresh coconut here! thanks for the recipe!

Marvin said...

I think your lattice tops look wonderful, oggi! And I would've been scared of miscolored buco, so it's good to know that purplish buco is OK to eat;)

Jescel said...

oh, i'd say this was a success! good job. the pies are a beauty! and that buco-ube combination makes me drool..

Shey said...

Yummy, Yummy! I miss buko pie already and the ube is such a nice twist to it. Great idea! I will definitely try making this. Thanks. :)

oggi said...

Thanks everybody.:)

Marvin, I think the color comes from the shell which is brown purple. I sipped the water and it was not rancid or spoiled.:)

The Sassy Tomato said...

Wow! Superb!I can't wait to try this! Salamat po ate.

Jude said...

I don't know, that lattice top looks perfect to me. Great call on adding some ube to a Filipino classic :)

oggi said...

The Sassy Tomato, I like your name.:)

Jude, thanks. The flavors are perfect together.

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