July 18, 2009

Buco Ube Pie

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creamy buco strips and ube jam in buttery flaky crust

The meat of one of the fresh buco I bought for buco pie is light purple in color and its water is brownish light purple. Isn't it weird? Taking a cue from this unusual buco coloring I added a thin layer of ube (purple yam) jam in between creamy buco filling. The combination is oh so delicious. Mmmm.

light purple buco meat

The past week, I have been busy honing my skills in making lattice-top pie. I have never made one before because I always thought I'd make a mess of it. And I did with the first pie I practiced on, Cherry Pie. I cut the strips too thin and spaced them unevenly and they are sort of crooked which is okay I guess for a first try and I don't mind how it looks because the pie is deliciously sweet and tart.

The first of the small buco pies was easier to handle. I was able to make the remaining top crusts more uniform and acceptable in appearance and I finished each one much quicker too.

The recipe for Buco Pie is here; you might have to reduce the amount of cornstarch because a reader who has made this pie said the filling was gummy. Check and eyeball the consistency while cooking and add cornstarch mixture as needed.

they look much better after 2 tries

Buco Ube Pie
4-inch buco pies

This is my entry to this week's Lasang Pinoy, Sundays: Crusty

Lasang Pinoy Sundays is a weekly food photography meme, Pinoy style, hosted by SpiCes.


iska said...

Both look fantastic and yummy!

ces said...

crusty all around!:) i wish i can make something like this!:)

Unknown said...

wow, i'm sure these are delish! they look pretty, too.:P

i've never seen a purplish buko before! kakaiba!

foodiejenn said...

Buco ube... seems like a great match!

My Crusty post for LAPIS is now up HERE. Happy weekends!

Lynn said...

The cherry pie looks good to me. And the buko tarts just looks great. I like these kinds of presentation. Makes it even more enticing to buy the product. :)

caninecologne said...

those mini pies look amazing! (and time consuming) i love ube - i will try anything with ube! that is also a great combination, ube with the buko.

Midge said...

That looks both unusual and delicious!

Chibog in Chief said...

OMG!! this is fantastic!! I am so making this recipe this weekend,that is if i find some fresh coconut here! thanks for the recipe!

Marvin said...

I think your lattice tops look wonderful, oggi! And I would've been scared of miscolored buco, so it's good to know that purplish buco is OK to eat;)

Jescel said...

oh, i'd say this was a success! good job. the pies are a beauty! and that buco-ube combination makes me drool..

Shey said...

Yummy, Yummy! I miss buko pie already and the ube is such a nice twist to it. Great idea! I will definitely try making this. Thanks. :)

Oggi said...

Thanks everybody.:)

Marvin, I think the color comes from the shell which is brown purple. I sipped the water and it was not rancid or spoiled.:)

TheSassyTomato said...

Wow! Superb!I can't wait to try this! Salamat po ate.

Jude said...

I don't know, that lattice top looks perfect to me. Great call on adding some ube to a Filipino classic :)

Oggi said...

The Sassy Tomato, I like your name.:)

Jude, thanks. The flavors are perfect together.

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