July 26, 2009

José Andrés's White Wine Sangría

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with red and green grapes and cherries

with yellow and white peaches and red grapes

White Sangría may seem odd but this drink is becoming more and more popular lately. It looks and it is very refreshing and perhaps tastes a bit lighter than red wine sangría. This recipe if from my Spanish cookbook MADE IN SPAIN by the Washington, D.C.-based Spanish chef José Andrés.

White Wine Sangría
1 cup chopped mixed fresh fruits: strawberries, peaches, white grapes
1 bottle of Spanish cava or other dry sparkling wine
¼ cup brandy
¼ cup white grape juice
¼ cup Licor 43 or any vanilla flavored liqueur
1 teaspoons sugar
1 small fresh mint sprig
  • Fill a glass pitcher halfway with ice and add the chopped fruits. Tilt the pitcher and pour the cava very slowly down the side; this will help retain the bubbles. In another pitcher or bowl with spout, combine the brandy, Licor 43, white grape juice, and sugar, then pour the mixture into the sparkling wine and fruit. Give a quick stir and add the mint sprig. When serving, make sure each glass gets some ice and fruits.
This white sparkling wine sangría is the perfect drink to have with a simple chorizo and mussels paella dish.

made with ingredients I had at hand: spanish chorizos, smoked red bell pepper, mussels, green beans

The recipe for red wine sangría is here.


Chibog in Chief said...

wow! what a coincidence i was really planning to make some white sangria and paella for my little girl's upcoming birthday :-) thanks for the recipes they will definitely inspire me!! yummy !!

What's Cookin Chicago said...

This and your recent recipes all look wonderful! I love Spanish recipes and the sangria looks so refreshing! I've been on a slight commenting hiatus with my busy schedule lately... but it's great to catch up and see what's cooking in your kitchen!

Lori Lynn said...

Great, I think we'll serve some white sangria tonight.
Your paella is gorgeous.

Marvin said...

that looks ultra refreshing, especially for the hot weather i've been having lately. And I love watching Jose Andres on PBS!

Anonymous said...

This recipe looks amazing! I have been wanting to make sangria for a while. Plus, I've got an Andres recipe on the docket that will happen in the next couple of weeks, so this is sure to match perfectly. Thanks!

Oggi said...

Dhanggit, wow M is turning 2 already? Are you having another recipe event?

Joelen, thanks. I'm cooking a lot of Spanish food lately just like in the 90s.:)

Lori Lynn, oh you'll like it.

Marvin, Jose has a grating voice and he always seems over-enthusiastic but I can't stay away from his show, I'm addicted. Whenever I cook one of his dishes I start talking like him while preparing it.:D

Haley Suzanne, you're welcome. I'll check out your blog for the dish.:)

raissa said...

I made some rose wine sangria last weekend. My friends wanted it strong so I made it with strawberry flavored rhum and it was really good, so says my friends and very potent hahaha I think I am going to make it again.

Ruy said...

I missed this place! Hey Oggi!
I cooked paella a few weeks ago but I only had several kinds of chorizo and no seafood on hand. Thankfully it turned out quite ok.

Man those mussels are huge... Mussels with muscles!=)

Juliana said...

Yummie! I never had white sangria...looks delicious and so refreshing...will definitely try it. Nice pictures!

Oggi said...

Raissa, strawberry rum, that sounds yummy. Jose's red wine sangria has vodka in it, I will make that next time or with the flavored rum.

Ruy, where have you been?:)
The mussels were from New Zealand, it would have been better if they came from Brussels.:D

Juliana, thanks. It's much lighter than red yet also very yummy.:)

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