July 11, 2009

Corn Bread

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Corn Bread
they look like corn on the cob

The Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge is almost 2 months old and I am finished baking the 10th recipe, Corn Bread. I made it the other Saturday for our 4th of July barbecue dinner and we all loved it, and we don't normally like corn bread! PR's recipe is not the typical corn bread from the south because it has wheat flour, fresh corn, and loads of sweet stuff: white and brown sugar and honey. I halved the sugar and honey because I don't like overly sweet corn bread. They came out just sweet enough with the addition of the extra sweet yellow/white corn that I used. I prefer it saltier and I will add a pinch more of salt next time I make these. I really enjoyed the crunch of the polenta and the fresh corn; this corn bread is superior to the ones I have previously tasted. Better yet, I am declaring this is the bestest corn bread, ever! Thank you Peter for including this baking powder and baking soda bread in the book.

fresh corn is best

I baked some of the corn bread in a cast iron mold that has 7 slots shaped like corn. I sprinkled the bottom with chopped bacon to make them visible after unmolding. The corn molds are small, shallow, and can hold only 2 tablespoons of batter but they are so cute and fun to serve and eat. I baked the rest of the batter in unlined regular-size muffin pans. If you are baking these in muffin pans, use cupcake liners or line the bottoms with parchment because they stick to the bottom and it is difficult removing them from the pan. I also increased the heat to 400°F because the bread would not brown enough, specially the ones baked in the cast iron pan.

Corn Bread

Corn Bread
chewy crunchy polenta corn grits, crunchy sweet fresh corn, and salty bacon, yum!

the corn bread looks so cute beside the real thing

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Susie said...

What a cute idea. Great looking corn bread. :)

caninecologne said...

hi oggi
love your corn bread in the corn molds - good idea putting bacon in there too!

btw, i got more calamansis from a friend's tree and made those cupcakes (second time). they taste so summery - light with just a hint of citrus. i candied the rinds too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am dying for some of those corn-shaped molds! I love cornsticks - makes eating the bread more fun. I am glad you halved the sweet ingredients. I also prefer my cornbread on the savory side, so I may follow your lead.

Janice said...

Oh my gosh, it does look cute next to the real corn! I will probably try the cornbread your way, with less sweetener - because I like it less sweet. But then again, I'm out-voted on that one in our house, so we'll see!

Oggi said...

Susie, thanks.

R, I'm jealous. My calamansi is taking a vacation, although it had fruits twice last year, summer and winter so I guess it deserves a rest.:)

HaleySuzanne, I love that the polenta becomes crunchy if baked in a cast iron pan. The only thing is the pan has to have a lot of oil or the bread will stick.

Janice, I am making this corn bread again and will try the sweeter version; I might like it.:)

The Missing Piece said...

Looks great Oggi! I liked the flavor also. Love your corn molds. very cute!

Oggi said...

The Missing Piece, thanks. I love small cute things.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi oggi,
I'm glad I found your site there's a lot of good stuff in it. I was looking for good recipe for corn bread and yours sound interesting unlike the common corn bread recipe. Would you kind enough to share the recipe because I can't find the link to it. Thanks in advance.

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