July 1, 2011

Food Friday: Pulled Beef Barbecue

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pulled beef barbecue and coleslaw sandwich

Food Friday

I did a boneless beef spareribs version of Pulled-Pork Barbecue meant for The 4th of July but it was so good we finished it before the week was over.:D


Unknown said...

this is mouth-watering! i've only eaten pulled beef and pork sandwiches in Texas, and i loved it. parang wala akong nakikitang pulled beef or pork dito.

maiylah said...

that does look really appetizing! am hungry. again. lol

Jay-agent112778 said...

i want that with mushroom

i have a drink for that yummy food in this entry

happy weekend

Cheerful said...

that looks really, really delicious...have a great weekend! :)

Wok with Ray said...

Oh my, that sandwich is making me hungry. Well Oggi, all you have to do is to make it again for 4th of July! And if you get tired of it, just let me know, I can help you with it. :) Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Oggi said...

Luna, ask your cook to prepare some.:)

Maiylah, heheh

Jay, yes, mushrooms, and onions too.

C, thanks and have a great week ahead.:)

Ray, I agree, it's easy to make; di pa nakakasawa. Thanks and enjoy the holiday!.:)

Unknown said...

Hmmmm it is perfect for summer.

Oggi said...

Joy, yep.:)

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