May 19, 2011

Dayap Daiquiri Slushy

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Key Lime Daiquiri Slushy

Food Friday

I was watching the 1959 black and white movie Our Man In Havana from the director/writer team of Carol Reed and Graham Greene (THE THIRD MAN and FALLEN IDOL) and "the man in Havana", played by Alec Guinness always has a Daiquiri, the popular drink made with lime juice, a little sugar, and rum.

I made mine with dayap (Key limes) and more sugar into a Daiquiri slushy using a blender. It's watered down because of the ice but that's how I like it, sweet and tart with a little bit of alcohol. BTW, the proper pronunciation is "die-kee-ree," not "dack-uh-ree".

Dayap Daiquiri Slushy
serves 1

juice of 3 Key limes
1 tablespoon rum
1½ tablespoons sugar
1 cup ice
water, if needed
  • Blend on high until slushy. Pour into a glass and enjoy.


maiylah said...

have heard of that drink, but haven't tried it yet. i think. lol. :)

Unknown said...

this is a great thirst-quenching cocktail!

Sherry said...

tried it once and liked the taste :)

Unknown said...

Ohh that is perfect for the summer.

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