May 5, 2011

Peanut Sans Rival

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Peanut Sans Rival
peanut sans rival

Food Friday

This semi-frozen sans rival has tons of peanuts and a little chocolate, peanut lovers will surely love it. I made the peanut meringue layers thicker than the regular sans rival but crunchy, the filling/frosting has peanut butter buttercream then sprinkled with a little chopped semi-sweet chocolate, and the top is garnished with chopped Choc*Nut. Sooo delicious and peanut-y.

Sans Rival recipe is here.

Peanut Sans Rival
Peanut Sans Rival
the ultimate peanut sans rival for peanut lovers


maiylah said...

ooooh, another cake post! not your 'usual' sans rival cake and am sure it's going to be a keeper! am so so loving this food friday this week! ;)

i♥pinkc00kies said...

i tend to find sans rival nakakaumay.. but since i love peanuts, you got me interested to give this a try :D

caninecologne said...

hello! love your photos of this dessert and i like how you made it with peanuts! i've never tried making this (i usually fear recipes that involve meringue). a few Filipino bakeries here make it but it has to be special ordered.

Oggi said...

Maiylah, oh it is a keeper.:)

Pinkc00kies, you can make the frosting with peanut butter and whipped cream for a lighter dessert.

R, thanks. I didn't expect it to be better than almonds or casuy but I now prefer peanuts in sans rival.

Rosemary & Garlic said...

I wish I could have a piece!

Cheerful said...

wow, looks really good and i love sans rival. thanks for sharing your recipe! have a great weekend!

Oggi said...

Ann Marie, ;)

C, thanks.:)

Unknown said...

That is a great twist to the traditional. I could probably eat this more than the traditional one.

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