February 5, 2011

Brats or Primanti®?

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Bratwurst Sandwich
sauerkraut, fresh sausages, spicy brown mustard, cheese on a chewy crusty sandwich bun

Primanti Copycat Sandwich
Primanti-style sandwich: layers of chipped (shaved) ham, provolone, fries, coleslaw, and sliced tomato on Italian bread

Take your Super Bowl XLV pick. Brats (Green Bay Packers) or Primanti®-style (Pittsburgh Steelers) sandwich. Both are really delicious. I'm not too sure about the teams though and I won't be watching the game anyway.

Vote for your favorite. May the best sandwich win!

The recipe for fresh JalapeƱo and Cheese Sausage is here.


Rosemary & Garlic said...

Having eaten at Primanti brothers and having two sons at college at Pitt, I know how I am voting.

Midge said...

Now those are some serious sandwiches for Superbowl Season! My sister and I swooned over the fries in the Primanti wannabe!

Unknown said...

Both looks great. I don't believe you make the primanti style. I have yet to try their sandwiches.

Sidney said...

Can I have both? :-)

Oggi said...

Anne Marie, sorry the Steelers lost but at least it looks like their sandwich has won.:)

Midge, you should try putting fries and coleslaw in any sandwiche; it's really good.:)

Joy, I haven't been to the Pittsburgh area and haven't tried the sandwich either but preparing it at home is easy to do.:)

Sidney, yes. I did.:D

Juliana said...

Oggi, I would love to try them both...my mouth is watering at the pictures :-)

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