February 27, 2011

The Oscars

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let's toast the Oscar winners with chocolate martini (creme de cacao, vanilla vodka, and Bailey's Irish cream)
It's that time of year again, folks. Yes, my own annual Academy Awards rant night and my choice for best picture is Toy Story 3 because in my humble opinion IT IS THE BEST PICTURE of 2010. I've seen some of the nominated films and 2 of them are my worst films of 2010, the highly overrated Inception and the odious and misogynistic The Social Network. And what's up with the Academy's obsession with awarding actors playing people with disability. This year it's Colin Firth's turn in The King's Speech. Didn't the Oscars already honor lead actors for My Left Foot, Rain Man, I Am Sam, Shine, A Beautiful Mind, and the gawd awful Forrest Gump? Give me a break! Woody, Barbie, or Mr. Potato Head should win. Oh, they're not nominated. Well, they should have been.

MY best pictures of 2010

Toy Story 3
Ken and Barbie meeting for the first time is priceless. Ken: "I like your leg warmers", Barbie: "Nice ascot".

The Book of Eli
What's not to like? A machete wielding Zatoichi-like character chopping off body parts of unsavory characters trying to steal The Book he has been carrying and reading from for over 30 years. Not even the prune-faced boss (Gary Oldman) and his thugs will be able to stop Eli from fulfilling his mission.

Based on a comic book. A high school boy wants to be a superhero and becomes Kick-Ass. Without any training, he is bound to get beaten up and he is, twice. He is rescued by a team of masked father and daughter superheroes, Big Daddy and Hit-Girl. They don't have superpowers like Superman but they train in weapons and martial arts. On her 11th birthday she gets a balisong (Philippine fan knife) from her Dad who trains and home-schools her (one of her assignments is reading comic books). This movie is not for everyone and specially offensive to the politically correct crowd as the little girl swears like a sailor although her father doesn't. The best comedy action movie of 2010.

Let Me In
A sort of love story between a young girl vampire and her new friend who is being bullied at school. This film is a brilliant remake of Let The Right One In, a movie from Sweden. I saw both films and I like the American version better. Incidentally the heroine, Hit-Girl, on Kick Ass and the vampire on this movie are played by the same child actress, Chloƫ Moretz. She's very good.

Tron Legacy
A feast for the eyes and ears. Daft Punk's music is perfect with the visuals. I can't believe that 2 of my top favorites are Walt Disney productions.

Since this is a food blog, I recommend these 2 documentaries that are worth watching

Kings of Pastry
I was craving for small cakes after watching the judges in the tasting room.

Blood Into Wine
THE rock star, Maynard James Keenan, becomes a winemaker. He is the lead singer of the bands Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer. This is not purely documentary on wine-making. It has a little bit of his story, his cult followers, and wine tasting, with some comedic scenes too. My favorite line from Maynard: "I'm in my 40s, I can't scream forever."

A sample of Tool's music, The Pot, from the album 10,000 Days. The pot he refers to here is the pot calling the kettle black, you know, hypocrites. This video which is just the song and lyrics is dedicated to all the hypocrites out there. Enjoy!:D


Ruth H. said...

I hope you are enjoying the Oscars! That nutella panna cotta looks so good. And I was just way too intimidated to try rolling my florentines. You did an amazing job!!

Sidney said...

"I'm in my 40s, I can't scream forever."

Hhahaha... :-)

Gizelle said...

I missed out on this!lol...but thanks for the roundup. Bailey's and yes to the panna cotta below, choco and nut ;)

caninecologne said...

hi oggi - great photo of the chocolate martini!

i haven't seen any of the oscar nominated films but toy story 3 is def. on the list.

i agree the academy seems to award those who play maimed/disfigured/retarded people. boring....

the chick in kick ass was awesome! i enjoyed how it wasn't pc - altho' the mclovin' character (sorry forgot his real name) annoyed me. the lead in kick-ass, aaron johnson was also excellent in 2009's early john lennon bio-pic, 'nowhere boy'. am curious to see 'let me in'since it has chloe moretz. liked the swedish original.

am currently halfway thru (500) Days of Summer (which also has Chloe Moretz) and like it so far (for the soundtrack).

Oggi said...

Ruth, thanks. I actually don't watch the Oscars but I love watching movies.:)

Sidney, he not only has a lovely voice but also a good head on his shoulders.:)

Gizelle, you didn't miss much. The Oscars is one of the most boring shows on TV.:D

R, glad you like TS3 and Kick Ass too. I also liked the original Swedish film but the more dramatic American version has more style and atmosphere. Or maybe I just really love Chloe.:)

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