October 7, 2010

Food Friday Sautéed Vegetables

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Sitaw Saute

green and purple yardlong beans, cherry tomatoes, and edamame beans

food friday chiclet

End of season vegetables from my garden: green and purple sitaw, cherry tomatoes, and edamame. I sautéed them in garlic, shallots, fermented anchovies (bagoong monamon), and a little chopped crispy pork rinds (chicharrones). Simply delicious.


maiylah said...

ooohhhhh....that looks soooooo good!!!
all from your garden? lucky you :)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Very fresh healthy looking menu! My first time here in your blog.

Spice Up Your Life

Unknown said...

That looks great. Simple and perfect for a fall day.

Oggi said...

Maiylah, except for water and a little food, they don't need much care.:)

Chubskulit, come visit often.:)

Joy, sometimes I love simple.:)

agent112778 said...

wow, impoted version ng pakbet, bagoong alamamang is good for this too

here's my Food Friday entry

Sidney said...

Looks delicious and healthy!

Oggi said...

Jay, heheh made in the US of A.

Sidney, yup.:)

chef_d said...

Yummy! This looks great, who knew edamame and sitaw and bagoong could look so delicious!

Oggi said...

Chef_d, thanks.

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