July 8, 2010

Mellow Bakers 70% Rye with a Rye Soaker and Whole Wheat Flour

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Sourdough Rye Bread
cucumber open sandwich on thin slices of rye bread

This bread from Jeffrey Hamelman'sBREAD is one of three (or four) for this month's MellowBakers. The other two are Bialys and French Bread.

I was not too keen on sourdough rye maybe because I have never eaten an authentic rye bread. Most of the rye loaves I've had before were made with light rye flour and flavored with molasses and caraway seeds. I was also disappointed with The Bread Baker's Apprentice's sourdough rye bread which I considered one of the worst my least favorites.

I was surprised how flavorful Mr. Hamelman's rye bread is. It is tangy, moist, dense, chewy, nutty, smells reeeaaally good, and perfect for my favorite cucumber open sandwiches. I can now honestly say I know what rye bread tastes like and that I love it.

The sourdough bread recipe has medium rye flour, soaked rye chops, and a little whole wheat flour. I have some rye berries which I purchased when I was reading Daniel Leader's LOCAL BREADs but I never had a chance to use them. I "chopped" them using my burr coffee grinder which did an excellent job. I also soaked some in water and ended up chopping them by hand because they just swirled around in the food processor without getting chopped.

Rye Chops
chopped in a burr coffee grinder, soaked and hand chopped

The dough was very sticky and I don't know if it can be formed into a log as written. I just dumped the dough into the Pullman loaf pan sprinkled with rye flour. The aroma of the bread while baking made me want to slice it right away but the procedure says to wrap the loaf in baker's linen and leave for 24 hours.

Sourdough Rye with Soaker


Abby said...

Your bread sounds and looks great! Especially for those cucumber sandwiches - my favorite!

Joy said...

Good job. I am hoping to try this by this weekend.

Joanna said...

Have you really not made this before? Really? Wow! That is just perfect, and you did just the right thing dumping it in the pan and letting it rise. It is possible to loosely shape these doughs but to be honest it isn't really worth the effort.

What a beauty, Oggi!

Anonymous said...

Oggi - looks lovely. I was thinking of skipping this as I'm like you, i"m not really into rye. Looking at your post makes me want to give it a try.

Oggi said...

Abby, Joy, Joanna, and Jenny, thanks.:)

Joanna, I made a similar for the BBA challenge but this is the first of this kind. The other rye breads were commercial yeast-risen and had onions and all sorts of flavorings.:)

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