July 15, 2010

Food Friday Panzerotti

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I have been itching to make panzerotti, fried pizza dough filled with cheese and tomatoes or ham, since the day I saw a travel show where people were eating them on the street in Italy, can't remember the city. They're like calzone but much smaller in size, and they are fried not baked. They're easy to make with store-bought pizza dough.

These are 5 inch thin dough rounds filled with cheese mixed with chopped tomatoes and pepperoni. The rounds are folded and sealed just like empanada then fried in hot oil until golden brown. They have to be eaten right away as they don't stay crispy.

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maiylah said...

oh my goodness...that looks awesome! suddenly am craving for calzone (i don't know where i can get a panzerotti here). :)

Rosemary & Garlic said...

They look delicious.

Joy said...

That looks great. It is a great snack.

Midge said...

Those look really good! I can just imagine how this'll work with different toppings (well, more like fillings!); mozzarella and mixed mushrooms - yum!

Juliana said...

Oh! I better get some lunch, otherwise will go through the computer screen...YUMMIE!

Oggi said...

Maiylah, ask your DH to make it for you.:D

Anne Marie and Joy, they're good for the munchies.:)

Midge, mushrooms and mozzarella would be great.:)

Juliana, heheh.

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