February 14, 2010

Year of The Tiger And JR Celski

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Happy Chinese New Year!

And congrats to JR Celski for winning the Olympic bronze medal in short track speed skating


caninecologne said...

Hi Oggi! Happy Valentine's and Chinese New Year! That's awesome about JR Celski - a Pinoy too!!!

Oggi said...

R, Happy Hearts Day and Chinese New Year!

I didn't know he is Pinoy until I saw his mom who btw looks really young.

Sidney said...

Happy Chinese New Year ! Wish you the best !

Oggi said...

Sidney, Kung Hei Fat Choy!:)

R, have you seen his family photos? He's such a cutie.:)

caninecologne said...

Hi Oggi
Actually i thought that was why you mentioned JR Celski (his ethnic background). I looked him up out of curiosity and his bio said he was half Filipino and half Polish. He's a mestizo cutie...

Gosh I feel so old, I am twice his age!

Oggi said...

R, at first I thought he is Korean or Chinese when I saw him during the qualifying rounds. Then the camera showed his parents and I found out his mom is Filipino. You're right, I posted his win because he's part Filipino.

I'm hoping he'll win another medal to make my title all the more meaningful: The Year of RJ.:)

caninecologne said...

Hi Oggi - Another Filipino American (Filipina) in the Winter Olympics is ice skater Amanda Evora, who along with her partner Mark Ladwig, placed 10th in the pairs figure skating.

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