February 2, 2010

Vienna Bread: BBAC #39

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Vienna Bread

Vienna bread is a semi-enriched bread with just an egg and very small amounts of sugar and butter and can be categorized somewhere in between Italian and Portuguese (sans citrus flavor) breads because of its soft and slightly chewy texture. It uses a large amount of preferment which makes it so flavorful. It looks handsome too with its golden brown soft crust that becomes crunchy when toasted. Just like Italian bread it is perfect with both sweet and savory fillings/toppings. This is my kind of bread and it has already been added to my top 10 favorite breads in this challenge.

Vienna Bread
Vienna Bread

flavor 5
texture 5
visual appeal 5
ease of preparation 5
performance 5
worth 5
Total: 30
Average: 5

This is the first of the 5 last recipes in this challenge; 4 more to get to the finish line. Yay! Next up is basic white bread which I'm baking today. I will try to shape the dough into New England-style hot dog buns. Wish me luck with the shaping! ^__^


SallyBR said...

Great! We both loved it... your slashing worked extremely well!

isn't this bread amazing? I wish I could make it again, but the challenge goes on and on and on!


Anne Marie said...

Beautiful loaf. Olympic quality I see!

Anne Marie

Sidney said...

Amazing... you have golden hands !

Oggi said...

Sally, thanks. I have 3 three more breads to bake. I made the white bread yesterday.:)

Anne Marie, thanks.:)

Sidney, I somehow lost my Midas touch with the next one. My attempt at the white bread hot dog buns and Parker House rolls fell flat.:)

Mirage said...

oggi! semmel lang kilala kong bread, joke! I love our breads here, except ung isa na black lol. hayy, ang galing mo talaga, sna matuto ako nyan!

Oggi said...

G, our group already baked semmel (kaiser rolls here in the US) which is one of my faves. Yung black I'm guessing rye sourdough, one of the straight from the oven to the trash breads.LOL. Practice lang.

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