February 1, 2010

Pinky, Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

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tapioca flour donuts

Remember Pinky and the Brain cartoons? Brain always asks "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?" and Pinky would answer something that is completely irrelevant to the question and he'll be bonked on the head by Brain. The quote kept appearing while I was searching for the recipe for the Asian donuts called Pon De Ring which I read about here. Sorry if I seem to be channeling Pinky myself.:)

Unfortunately I couldn't find the recipe anywhere but some sites say the donuts are based on the Brazilian cheese rolls Pão de Queijo. I made half a recipe which is too much for a donut experiment. I also didn't bother to glaze them. I love the texture of the donuts, the crumb is chewylicious similar to fried mochi and the crust is so crunchy. Since I have not eaten the donuts from Asia I can't recommend the recipe 100%. If you are crazy adventurous like me here is the recipe, it's somewhere in the middle of the post, add maybe a third to half a cup of sugar and omit the cheese.

I the slightly sweet chewy crumb


Sidney said...

Sounds yummy !

Juliana said...

Oh! Never heard of tapioca donuts, but love pao de queijo due to the chewy texture...therefore know that will definitely like these donuts :-)

Oggi said...

Sidney, I like that they're not as greasy as regular donuts and yummier too.:)

Juliana, yes, I read your pao de queijo post. Oh you will like these donuts.:)

Anonymous said...

Can you share with us how you made the ring shaped donut that resembles the pon de ring donut?

Oggi said...

Shape dough pieces into half-inch rounds and place 6 or 7 together on a plate or parchment paper to form a ring.

Dory said...

Sydney, thanks for sharing! I just recently came back from Korea and had a taste of Dunkin Donut's chewisty. I think they are same as the Pon De Ring. I'll try making these too and let you know how close they are to the ones I had in Korea.


Oggi said...

Dory, please let me know. I want to make these again soon.:)

ME said...

So, I found a recipe for these


but it is in japanese. Maybe it can be translated

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