May 15, 2007

Red Lentil Patties


I promised to cook vegetarian dishes more often but I find it difficult to keep. There isn't much you can make with meatless ingredients. I can never be a vegetarian, I just love meat and fish too much.:)

Preparation of vegetarian meals is not hard but planning to have a variety of dishes is time consuming, if not totally boring. Today, I made red lentil patties, the lentils were boiled with bulgur, seasoned with tons of garlic, onion, lemon juice and zest, salt and finely minced parsley, then fried in hot oil. They are very tasty with tzatziki and buttered rice sprinkled with ground sumac. The skewered things on the right are lamb koftas.

I have to find more recipes for these red lentils. Any suggestions? No soups, please.;D


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