May 8, 2007

It's Finally Here!


the bad plus PROG, yes! I went to Best Buy and bought the only copy, they have 1 copy, 1? Strange. Anyway, it has 4 covers which are wonderful and 6 original TBP compositions, which I love more than the covers.
giant, what a beautiful, beautiful song, and physical cities, both written by Reid Anderson (bass) are worth the price of the cd. I have played the cd 4 times non-stop already! I am sooo happy.:D

everybody rules the world - tears for fears
life on mars - david bowie
tom sawyer - rush
this guy's in love with you - burt bacharach

Here's The Washington Post's article last Saturday.


Gitta said...

This is my favorite "Tom Sawyer" cover ever.

Oggi said...

I think they played all the original songs plus this Tom Sawyer when we saw them last Sept. They all sound familiar and my favorite is giant.

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