May 8, 2007

An Overloaded Fridge


I bought a larger, side-by-side refrigerator. I got tired of stuff falling out from my freezer causing me so much aggravation, swearing and gray hair. It was delivered early this morning and when I put back all the stuff in the fridge side, they would not fit in! What happened? This fridge is supposed to be larger, 36 inches wide and 33 inches deep. I know the water and ice dispensers take a lot of space but I didn't realize the old one, with top loading freezer and without dispensers has a bigger refrigerator space. Sigh. I actually gained only a little bit more freezer space and it is now more organized with pull-out drawers and shelves, no more falling meats and vegetables. I think we just have too much stuff. We have about 10 jars of fruit preserves, 3 kinds of ketchap, 6 bottles of chili sauce (3 Malaysian, 2 Thai and 1 Indonesian), 5 different mustards, you get the picture. Do we really need all these? Sadly, yes. These half empty jars and bottles of condiments, olives, etc. alone take up 2 shelves! I will forbid anyone to open a new jar of something until the thousands already open are empty and ready to be thrown away. I will be a refrigerator nazi from now on (I think I might be the one who's guilty of hoarding condiments, heheh. I may need to attend a meeting for hoarders anonymous).

The vegetables and fruits bins, on the other hand, are almost double the size of the old fridge because I was able to put the contents of both bins in one drawer. Aha, thaaat's the reason I lost so much space for other stuff. Hmm, are the manufacturers trying to make me buy more fruits and vegetables? I am not amused.:D


p said...

could you return the fridge and replace it with a larger one?

Oggi said...

Nope, this is the largest that will fit in my kitchen. I'll just stop buying and cooking too much food.:D

Broiled Hibiscus said...

you said: "I'll just stop buying and cooking too much food"-haha! convince me! Great chow blog!

Oggi said...

Imelda70, I have gotten even worse, heheh...although I recently cleaned the fridge by putting the jars that don't have "Refrigerate After Opening" label in a basket placed near the breakfast table.

Thanks for visiting, BTW.:)

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