September 19, 2009


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filled with ube paste and muscovado (raw sugar)

One of the Philippine treats we truly love is the highly addicting piaya, sweet flaky flat bread snacks from the Negros province. These are best eaten when freshly baked and importing them from the Philippines is not possible, unless there are friends and family who are willing to hand carry them as pasalubong. I make them whenever I get the craving which is way too often.:-)

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Sidney said...

It looks a bit like pita bread.
Never saw that here in Manila...

Mirage said...

Never thought of making that...we usually buy it when coming back from Lucena no? I guess its bicol made? tama ba? Looks yummy!

Joelen said...

Mmm - I remember having this in Pinas... so good! I especially like the ones made with lanka and mango!

ces said...

uy i miss piaya!!! sarap kagatin nyang photo mo! lol!

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

Love this.. also the butterscotch and pinasugbo from bacolod :D

Anonymous said...

Omg, my fave! I love eating piaya for sure. The pictures look so yummy. I would love to make this one of these days. Please share with us your recipe? Thank you.

Oggi said...

Sorry but this is one of several Filipino recipes I promised [to the person who gave it to me] not to share to protect their family businesses.

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