September 8, 2009

BBAC 18: Light Wheat Bread

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Light Wheat Bread
Light Wheat Bread

There's nothing much to write about Light Wheat Bread, The Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge 18th recipe. All I can say is it's another winner from Peter Reinhart. The bread is light as white bread, very soft, yummy [with added honey], and the recipe is one of the simplest and easiest to follow; mix, knead, let rise, shape/rise, bake. I love the slices toasted or right out of the bag.

Light Wheat Bread
with butter, honey, and fresh figs

flavor 5
texture 5
visual appeal 5
ease of preparation 5
performance 5
worth 5
Total: 30
Average: 5

Note: The bread is very light in color because I used whole wheat atta flour which is lighter both in color and texture than KA and Gold Medal whole wheat flours. I am loving all the breads made with this flour and have been ignoring the KA whole wheat in my pantry. I buy atta from the Korean grocery store and it now stocks different brands that come from USA, Canada, India, and Lebanon; prices range between $10 and $12 for a 20-pound bag. Recently, I have noticed that atta flour is becoming more available in my area. I have spotted 20-pound bags at Wegmans grocery stores and Costco (the cheapest so far at $9).


Joy said...

Your bread looks perfect! Great job. :)

What's Cookin Chicago said...

So beautiful! Great job on your bread!

Sidney said...

Perfect bread... and I am eying the figs ! ;-)

Mags @ the Other Side of 50 said...

Now that is one professional-looking loaf! And such a soft and beautiful crumb. Great job!

misterrios said...

I love the sectioned loaf. My bread is rising right now, so it's too late for me, but maybe for the Marble Rye loaf.

Cindy said...

How did you do that sectioned loaf? It looks very cool.

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