May 27, 2009

Chocolate Candies, Filipino Style

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Langka  and Fondant Chocolate Candy
fondant with chopped candied langka (jackfruit)

Mango Thins
mango paste

Yema Chocolate Candy
yema (egg yolk candy)

Pinipig Crunch
pinipig (pounded young glutinous rice) crunch bars
enrobed in bittersweet chocolate

A Filipino blog talking about a store (in the Philippines) selling chocolate candies with Filipino flavors and fillings piqued my interest and I immediately borrowed the idea. I was not expecting that dark chocolate and sweet jackfruit will go nicely together but surprisingly they do. It's the same with yema and my favorite, mango paste, which I made by boiling mango puree until very thick, the same process in making fruit leather. They are all delicious as chocolate candy fillings with their familiar Filipino flavors. I have a small bag of puffed pinipig which I will be using later for Guinomis and made bittersweet chocolate Pinipig Crunch, an homage to a childhood favorite, Nestle Crunch. Yummy yum yum!


Sidney said...

Need to try this... but you will have a hard time to convince me that there is something better than Belgian chocolates ! ;-)

Ning said...

I think I would love the pinipig crunch bars the best! :)

oggi said...

Sidney, I knew you'd say that.:D
The dark ones are Belgian and the bittersweet bars are German. Both are excellent chocolates.:)

Ning, ang sarap with bittersweet chocolate, pang adult.:)

Midge said...

The store in question is called Machiavelli and they do a number of chocs with indigenous ingredients. (The dark choc truffle with mangosteen? Lovely!)

But pinipig with dark chocolate ~ ! Wow! I'm stunned!

oggi said...

Midge, thanks for the info. Truffle with mangosteen, I have to try that.:)

caninecologne said...

those candies look amazing! i would love to eat those...i love mouth is watering.

pinipig crunch bars would be delicious too.

jacques torres in new york city does a version of dark chocolate covered cereal clusters - they use corn flakes, but rice krispies or pinipig would be just as good.

oggi said...

R, I love all of them. I cooked the jackfruit with sugar until very thick then spread them on an aluminm foil to air dry before chopping. I don't know if dried langka is available at the stores.

Gmirage said...

You're a genius Oggi! I won't be surprised to see you opening your wn choco factory soon!

oggi said...

G, I would love to but I need capital.:D

Manang said...

maybe you can sell some online...

oggi said...

Manang, I'm thinking of that..I just don't know how.:)

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