May 30, 2009


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sweetish 90 proof liquor made from coconut toddy

Lambanog is a Filipino sweetish liquor made from the sap of the stem of immature coconut blossom. The sap collected is fermented for a a few hours into a toddy called tuba, then distilled into lambanog. It is rather potent at 90 proof but it's not noticeable at first sip because of its sweetness.

I remember this drink as a child visiting my grandparents, aunts, and cousins in Sariaya, Quezon. Their lambanog, in a large 2-gallon jug, was deep amber in color because of the raisins that they add to the liquor. The raisins which were not meant to be eaten render not just its color but also its flavor and sweetness to the lambanog. As an adult I never tried lambanog until now, maybe because I do not particularly enjoy drinking alcohol (red and white wine are the exception) and only have mixed drinks occasionally.

raisins soaking and getting plump in a tiny bottle of lambanog

Watch this video of the Three Sheets guy visiting Quezon province where lambanog is mostly produced, and trying the 160 proof lambanog which according to the distiller is not for sale to the Philippine markets or elsewhere, gee I wonder why. I enjoyed watching this video, specially the rituals when having drinking sessions. Take note: there are several middle-aged women in the drinking group, which reminds me of the after-dinner drinking events at my grandparents' house where everybody drinks except children and my mother.

I made a simple mixed drink with equal amounts of lambanog, calamansi juice, and club soda, and simple syrup to taste. Not bad at all, it's very refreshing and tastes better than vodka.

Sun Shine: a blend of lambanog, calamansi juice, club soda, and simple syrup


Lori Lynn said...

Interesting. I like learning about new liquors. The drink sounds perfect for a hot summer day.

Sidney said...

Hahaha...interesting and funny video. And I confess... I don't mind drinking a few glasses of Lambanog...

Oggi said...

Lori Lynn, yes it is the drink for hot summer days.:)

Sidney, a few glasses? heheh.
Oh, btw, I was supposed to link your lambanog series to this post but completely forgot about it.

Jescel said...

i have not tried lambanog at all. but i heard its good but potent. i might try your concoction though :o)

Oggi said...

Jescel, it is quite potent but with mixed drinks it's alright.

Goldilocks Bakery said...

This is popular drink in batangas,some lambanog adds with apple or raisin so that it become more delight in taste.


Oggi said...

Ava, yes, apples and raisins are popular add-ins.

Jude said...

You have no idea what I would do to get a bottle of that. Just for the sheer novelty of it.
160 proof? Freakin rocket fuel.

Oggi said...

Jude, it's actually 166 proof. Rocket fuel! LOL

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