September 7, 2006

Stuffed Green Bell Peppers

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Stuffed Green Bell Pepper

Green Bell Peppers

Green bell peppers grown in the US are abundant lately at Wegmans, they are huge and meaty which means it's time to make rellenos (stuffed). To prepare: saute garlic and onions, add half a pound of ground meat and 1 pound of ground beef flavored seitan, 1 cup raisins, and a little soy sauce. Char the peppers on stove burner, let cool, then scrape off the skins, cut in half, throw the innards. Add 2 eggs to the meat filling, stirring well, then spoon them into the bell peppers. Fry meat side down until brown. Serve with rice and Jufran or tomato ketchup.


gitta said...

I hope you saved some for me! I didn't get to eat any before I left for the weekend...

oggi said...

Alrighty, I put a sign on the last one that says CONTAMINATED, DO NOT EAT!

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