September 15, 2006

Vietnamese-Style Prawns And Fresh Figs Compote

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The other night we had Vietnamese grilled prawns sprinkled with golden deep fried spring onions and chopped garlic and Thai basil. The dish is served with rice noodles (bihon), shredded romaine and mung bean sprouts and fish sauce (nuoc mam). It's utterly delicious. For tonight I cooked prawns with the same ingredients (I think), fried not grilled and served with rice. I only have a few spring onions so it's not worth heating up oil and the kitchen so I sauted them. I already have deep fried sliced garlic which I crumbled on top. It's really, really good. I will have to buy a LOT of spring onions to deep fry so they're ready for topping any Asian dish.

Fresh Figs Compote

I have a lot of fresh figs this week, it seems I'm the only one eating them. I cut them in half, mixed with calamansi or lemon juice, 2 tablespoons sugar and 2 tablespoons honey then let them chill in the fridge for 3 hours. I did not want to stew them, I prefer the uncooked method but substituted calamansi for lemons. For one serving, about 5 halves, I added a small squirt of whipped cream on top. The taste of honey/calamansi (honeymansi in the Philippines) is surprisingly a perfect match with the figs and with just a hint of cream it is wonderful. Mmm.


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