September 1, 2006

French Toast


Yesterday while at the checkout counter at the grocery the in-house baker came carrying a bunch of freshly baked Italian loaves/baguettes and plopped them right in front of me. The aroma and the warmth coming from the bread is irresistible, as if it was whispering to me "take me home". I was there to buy whole milk for the corn chowder I was going to make for dinner tonight and ended up also buying a large bread. I can't help it I love bread, I couldn't care less about carbs. So since it is large I made half of the loaf into French toast for today's breakfast. When my daughter came home yesterday I just finished frying and cooling them to put in the fridge. Of course she had to eat one right away, sprinkled icing sugar, drizzled store bought butterscotch sauce, and topped with Reddi wip whipped cream, it was fantastic. For my breakfast today I did the same minus the icing sugar, yummy. It sounds sinful but it actually is not, a tablespoon of Reddi wip has only half a gram each of saturated fat and sugar/carb, there is no trans fat. I drizzled maybe a TBS of sauce which is not that bad either, a tablespoon also has half a gm of sat fat and 4 grams of carbs.


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