April 5, 2011

Another Day, Another Blog Thief *Sigh*

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I was alerted by a long-time reader that there is another blog thief who stole parts of one of my posts, Machang.

Simply Marilyn's Machang was published on September 2010, almost four years after I posted mine on January 2007. I can tell she is capable of thinking and writing on her own and she did a good job of using pandan leaves to substitute for banana leaves.

I can't understand why she had to lift paragraphs and phrases from my post. Again this blog thief just like the first one didn't acknowledge my blog nor the author of the recipe I adapted it from, Martin Yan. Is it a disease among Filipino food bloggers? Or are they just shameless people who want to impress their friends with their culinary ability?

And she has the temerity to ignore the Copyright notice on all texts and photos indicated at the bottom of all my posts when she has the same Copyright sign on her blog. Isn't that incredible? Practice what you preach, you shameless plagiarist! I wonder how many more of my posts are on her blog. I will reluctantly check her other posts, then. I had left a comment on her post asking for acknowledgment both to me and Martin Yan, or removal of her post.

Update: April 10, 2011

Marilyn finally responds on her blog comment
Oggie! Sorry for this late reply, i was so busy with my culinary classes. why are you angry at this posts? I f you are a fan of Martin Yan,then it works the same with me too. We got different versions of trying it out, if you can only read my Phil. version of it which makes it so different from yours. You have to admit that. and please stop pestering my buss. page because of this . My business page has nothing to do with this. you just have to act professionally. you are talking about plagi…I don’t know that we got the same cookbooks.Mine was long time cookbooks from my late mom. This is the first time that i discovered we have same Martin’s Yan recipe. What thought are you talking about? this is Martins. if you can read my own version of explanation indicated on the first part. I was about to update it for sources in it, thus delayed a little while. I don’t like this either. i don’t want us both to do the same of Martin’s, i will only remove this if you ‘ll remove your posts, about my name indicated in your website., cause i can also do the same with you. I will remove my posts not because of about plagi,..it is for the reason of –i don’t want us to have the same recipe. I can make my own kind, im a chinese anyway
My response
First of all, Marilyn, I haven’t been pestering your business page, wherever that is. That is not my style. Read my post comment saying I have already gotten over your plagiarism. However, I got an email late last night informing me that he/she has been leaving comments on your facebook pages just to tick you off. If you are so concerned about professionalism, you should examine yourself. You obviously are in denial of your theft. Overseaspinoycooking commented on my post that you lifted several of his posts also and passed as your own, and that he asked you to remove them. Professionalism? You have got to be kidding me! You won’t recognize the word if it hits you on the face.

May I remind you
These are directly lifted from my blog post Machang without Martin Yan's name.
“I know, this is not authentic machang, The rice is a bit soggy, the seasoning was not thoroughly absorbed by the rice and maybe was washed away by the boiling method. The thing is, the machang was still good, regardless. So I searched in all my Chinese cookbooks for something similar, found one.. His recipe has too many ingredients and the rice bundles are wrapped in lotus leaves”

And these are directly lifted from Machang For Real
“It’s like our native suman, except that it is prepared with pork and chicken filling. It’s more like Chinese adobo in taste.”

You added some of your words, but I have my doubts and now suspect you lifted them also from a book or other blogs, who knows; and I don’t really care. I’ve done my job in exposing your kind, yes the plagiarist kind, to the the food blogging community. I am not interested in your business as long as my blog posts don’t appear in any of yours word for word, thought for thought. As I said on my previous comment, I work hard to write a good description of my experiences with regard to a particular recipe and I NEVER forget to acknowledge the book, author, or blog that inspired me to cook and blog about the food. You have no “right” to be upset because you are the offending party, not me nor overseaspinoycooking. You stole from us and we have every right to be angry at you.

She wrote a follow-up comment
i will remove the posts of Martin Yan procedure and i will do completely a different thing. , just gonna change the whole of it. Did you ever think about the pics. that i have posted?, that was an effort..gonna update it the different way following my own version. you can have Martin. and please, remove about what you have written about my name-if not, i will do the same too. If you are entittled to Martin’s ? why others can’t? it was a reference recipes for everyone. i hope this is clear to you..

My response
Marilyn, do you have a reading comprehension problem. I NEVER said you cannot use Martin Yan’s recipe. You simply removed his name from my original paragraph and I wonder why. You should remove this post entirely or re-write it USING YOUR OWN WORDS AND EXPERIENCES. Is that so hard to understand? Sheesh. And what do you mean “I WILL DO THE SAME TOO”. How so? I didn’t do any thieving, you did!

Why couldn't she just admit her mistake, apologize, re-write her post, and move on. I already did.

A warning to future thieves: Do not lift paragraphs, photos, or entire copyrighted blog posts from this blog; otherwise, your blog and name will appea permanently on BLOG THIEVES HALL OF SHAME.


Kayni said...

Oh wow, I read the other blog and it's funny how your sentences/paragraphs were transposed to her post. Not good. I hope she'll make changes or just take it down.

cusinera said...

Hayy naku Oggi....when I haven't started blogging and was just a blog reader, she's the type I dislike....posting a "frankenstein" recipe, the picture doesn't follow the recipe. If you look at her pic, pork belly iyong topping pero ala naman doon sa scrape ninyang ingredients. And the time it took her to modify your paragraphs and ingredients, I wish she put that time to cook it herself. Posting a recipe just for the sake of posting something in a blog even when it's not edible....soy sauce + oyster, that's too salty with just 2 cups of rice...just crazy! And another one...if she cooked the ones in the pics why the ingredients are different? I'm confused=P

All I can say, Oggi....am one of your lurker before I started my own, and your creations are one of the best in cyber to try cooking at home, wish they follow right foodie blogging ethics=)

ut-man said...

She has copied several of my post write-ups also.
I posted warning comments on some of the post.
I hope she’ll rectify it immediately.

Oggi said...

Kayni, it looks like she won't take it down. And I found out the pandan leaf wasn't her idea. She took another blog's sentences and merged them with mine, frankenstein-like.LOL

Althea, thanks. What's funny is my machang recipe is not even authentic which I said early on. You are right, I didn't notice the photos; they're wrapped in banana leaves instead of pandan. Siguro binili nya sa Binondo and passed as her own...tapang ng apog. I visited her facebook, sangkatutak ang food entries, siguro kamaganak ni kusinero-kuno Gil.:D

Noel, OMG, here we again. What do we do with these people?:D

it's just me... said...

Oh wow. Magnanakaw siya talaga. Way to call her out on it.

Joy said...

That is amazing. It is insane that people have the guts to even think of the doing that. I just shake my head at people.

Oggi said...

Rowena and Joy, I believe she'll just ignore my and Ut-man's requests. I already got over my initial annoyance and now I'm determined to make machang that is more authentic than the one she copied.:)

Anonymous said...

To people this person has stolen contents...she reacts more in her Blog Facebook page. So if you want to communicate with her, you'll get more reaction on her Facebook page.

Oggi said...

So you're the one commenting on her facebook. You did a great job because she IS MAD. Serves her right. LOL

I haven't visited facebook since January except when I checked her pages once last week. The thing is, I don't really care what she thinks as long as she doesn't steal again from me or any other food blogger.

Anonymous said...

Bwahahahaha! I've searched further....she definitely copied most of her post and the lame thing about it is that she's replying in her blog that she got the introduction of machang on a book and she doesn't know your blog existed...she banned me in facebook but it doesn't mean we can't email all the bloggers she stole from, she still insist that all her contents are "originality" (FB page). And she's threating you, mind you to take her blog name out of your post...LOL! The nerve, she can't even leave a comment on your site. Her recent post is stolen again most of it, didn't even give credit where she got it from.

Oggi said...

The page is gone but her blog is still up. I think she, her husband, and children all contribute to the site. Unfortunately there is another blog thief that I recently learned about and will have to tackle this one to remove my photos, 4 in all, today. *double sigh*

Thank you for taking the time to go to her facebook page. I'll probably visit to inform people of her site and the new one too. So many thieves, so little time. LOL

Anonymous said...

she will never change...she got her cream puffs recipe here: http://gourmet-girls.blogspot.com/2008/07/simple-and-delicious-cream-puffs.html

Kayni said...

oh my, i just read the update to this one. this is one thing about thieves online. this person has the audacity to get mad; she's the one plagiarizing.

her site is not there anymore.

maiylah said...

just read this...haay naku. sana nga mawala na ung mga yan! lam mo ba kahit sa IG merong ganyan...at Pinay din! nakakahiya..buti nalang tinanggal nya ung post!

tama..so many thieves, so little time! LOL

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