September 24, 2014

Milky Way Candy Bar Sauce


I've always wanted to try making candy bar dessert sauce and when I saw Mars bars sauce and pancakes briefly mentioned in David Mitchell's new novel, THE BONE CLOCKS, I just had to make. I wasn't sure if Mars bars are sold here in the US so I used Milky Way Midnight instead. 

September 11, 2014

Ice Cream Cones

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I bought a used stovetop pizzelle iron from eBay mainly to make ice cream cones and thin cannoli shells. The iron is I think cast aluminum, not cast iron. I experimented combining ice cream cone and pizzelle recipes. I had to adjust the amount of oil so the cones don't stick to the cooker or get burned. The iron makes 5-inch cookies. The designs are shallow and don't make very pronounced cookie impressions which is fine by me. They are crispy and the thin cannoli shell shapes are great filled with softened ice cream then stored in the freezer before serving. It's a lot of work to make but worth the time and effort.

September 3, 2014

Korean Steamed Eggs

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We had lunch at a Korean restaurant last weekend and although the food wasn't that great to write home about, there's one dish I liked, the steamed eggs. Not only was it a good dish but it was on the house too. They probably knew it was our first time in their place or everybody gets a free steamed egg dish.

The egg dish is simply flavored with probably chicken broth and had a very light texture like a custard. It had on top sliced scallions, bits of carrots, and red pepper flakes. I liked it enough to look for recipes online which are plentiful, and recreated it, adding a sprinkling of hot red pepper powder for a bit of bite. What a great side dish, or it can be a main dish served with a small bowl of steamed rice.

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