April 7, 2011

Pinaputok na Pompano

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Pinaputok na Pompano
deep fried banana leaf-wrapped pompano

Green Mango Relish
green mango mixed with spicy shrimp paste

Food Friday

Sometimes Filipino cuisine confuses me or maybe just the names of the dishes like pinaputok na isda (exploded or popped deep-fried fish). I've made this fish dish twice already following the recipe from KULINARYA guidebook. The fish is simply seasoned, wrapped in banana leaves, and deep fried. The fish does not pop nor make a popping sound while being cooked although the leaves make a few crackling sound. The fried fish doesn't become brown or crispy and almost looks like it was steamed. It's not greasy at all and has a nice flavor from the leaves; I like it specially with a relish of green mango mixed with spicy shrimp paste.


cusinera@busogsarap.com said...

Oggi, ang sarap naman yan and it's raining here at the moment...did it created plenty of oil splatter when you deep fried the banana leaf incased fish? LOL...yeah I do agree about the name..."pinaputok na isda", sounds so violente=)

maiylah said...

i thought it was steamed...deep fried pala. oo nga, bakit kaya 'pinaputok'? uhmm..that mango and spicy shrimp paste is making me drool!!!!

ps. glad you liked the linky. am just not too sure if it does create a backlink, though...

Caroline said...

Looks delicious, I haven't had pompano in awhile and I can just imagine the banana leaves adding flavor to the fish. Kamayan na! :)

Oggi said...

Althea, I was surprised there was no splatter and the house didn't smell of frying oil...siguro it's the banana leaf... kaya nga lang hindi crispy.:)

Maiylah, oh walang backlink...it's okay at least I don't have to type a href anymore.:)

Caroline, heheh, kamay is the best utensil when eating fish.:)

Unknown said...

The fish looks great!

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