December 16, 2010

Food Friday: Duck Soup

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Duck Soup

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We had our first snowfall of the season today. It's very light though, accumulation is only 2 inches but it's very very cold, as in below freezing. Brrrr! It's time for an easy to make steaming hot duck soup. I had several cups of duck broth and added to it a little of the duck meat, scallions, cubed tofu, sliced snow peas, ginger, rice wine, dried shiitake mushrooms, sea salt, and soy sauce. Very yummy, and together with hot freshly brewed loose jasmine tea leaves, I'm now warm, toasty, and ready to watch Duck Soup.:D

Light Snow


maiylah said...

the first shot looks nutritiously delicious! No idea about the other Duck Soup that you mentioned, though; hope you enjoyed the combination! ;)

Kayni said...

really looks good. we also got 2 to 3 inches of snow and traffic was so slow at 270 yesterday. didn't get home until 8 pm...sigh. these days are soup days.

agent112778 said...

ohhh!!! i want to try that. i tried crispy duck but not in soup

here's my FOOD FRIDAY entry

Daphne said...

Now that just tastes pretty good! :D Looks like chicken soup to me, too.

Unknown said...

The soup looks comforting especially with the cold weather.

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