December 24, 2010

Food Friday: Chestnuts

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candied chestnuts


Roasted and candied chestnuts are my all-time favorites during Christmas season. I specially love the aroma of roasting chestnuts. And when I have the time I candy (marrons glac├ęs) some of them which are a real treat...sooo delicious.


maiylah said...

first time i heard of them, and it sounds delicious! usually we only have the roasted chestnuts here... :)

Merry Christmas, Ms. Oggi!

cusinera said...

My lola and mother loves roasted chestnuts=) That candied chestnuts looks so good...sticky and sweet=) Merry Xmas,'s already 2.:18am here 25/12/10, hehehehehe! I'm suppose to be sleeping ;)

Midge said...

I love how the syrup turns those chestnuts into dark little topazes glowing with sweetness. Happy Holidays!

Gizelle said...

the kids love chestnuts...too bad,they're different from what we pick up from the ground :D kidding...they would always bring some from a trip outside school...

P.S. bravo to your post below!

Unknown said...

Ohhhh Ohhhhh. That looks great. I Haven't had chestnuts forever.

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